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For many years I was caregiver for terminally ill family members.  When I began the journey in 1994, I had no experience or education at all.  I have now reached an age no one ever thought I would attain because of a childhood illness.  Because of this, my goals now include blogging about my experiences as a caregiver to aging parents over a ten-year period, the trials, the emotions, and the joys.  Also, a little of my story (very little) is thrown in here and there to put things in context. I hope to help those going through similar experiences.

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A Place to Find Helpful Links and Facts

As a disclaimer, I’m not a medical professional or professional care-giver.  In fact, I was “only” a care-giver.  Why do I put it that way?  Because in the days before the internet became the store house of information for the public, resources for care-givers were difficult and very time consuming to find.  As those of you already in this situation can attest, you don’t have a lot of extra time when caring for the elderly.  Happily, I will be glad to do some of that research for you.  What I find will be given categories for easy access, and as many links to the facts as I can find.  Of course, to help with the expenses of maintaining this site, there will be ads, too.  I will do my best to make sure each and every one is pertinent to the content here.

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Why and How?

The why of this blog is very simple – I would like to pass on bits of experience from my journey as a caregiver to those of you who are now in a similar situation.  Why do I use “similar?”  Because no two care giving journeys will be the same.  For each of us who choose to become caregivers, our own personal circumstances differ; the illness or condition of the person whose life we work to assist differs.

The how may not be so simple.  I just know that over the years I’ve become very proficient at research, analysis, and writing – not necessarily in that order.  To use those skills to pay forward with my caregiver experience from the past is the least I can do.

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Next Steps…

I ask you to follow along with me as I proceed with the effort of making this blog a place to gather information, links to information about care giving and much more.  That, at the moment, is my primary goal.  Please participate by following, and if you would like to see information on a particular subject of interest, please contact or comment.  Comments will be monitored before publishing.  This site is intended to purvey positive, helpful information.

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