A Care-Giver Lesson Learned

Mom & Me 1951 before care-giver

In 1996, my mother, Phyllis, passed away. The last two years of her life held several hospital stays and an every-lessening level of energy. My responsibilities as her full-time care-giver were minimal.  They mostly keeping the house clean, taking her places including the grocery store and appointments with her doctors. At 76, she had called me and asked me to try to get a hardship transfer to a nearby facility so I could help her out as a care-giver. My father, whose eyesight was diminishing because of Macular Degeneration.  Other vision issues simply refused to admit he couldn’t see well enough to drive any more. She felt the stress of riding with him to town for shopping and medical appointments was aggravating her condition. Her doctors all agreed. Continue reading “A Care-Giver Lesson Learned”